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How to play on Jock MKT

Fantasy Sports Meets The Stock Market


Allow us to introduce you all to our newest fantasy partners, Jock MKT! In this exciting new way to utilize our fantasy sports projections and cheat sheets (among many other tools), you are buying and selling “shares” of a player. Each share price rises or falls throughout the slate depending on how well the player’s fantasy points scored rank among all other players on the slate.

We will be giving free strategy tips and advice for this new twist on fantasy sports within our Discord Chat Room and through helpful articles you can find by clicking HERE

Jock MKT is offering all members of Karma Nation a limited time deposit bonus of $50 (100% match) when you use promo code KARMA after clicking the buttons below!

Ready to get started? Download the app now!

Getting Started with Cash Markets

Getting Started with Contests

Initial Player Offering (IPO)

Fair Value

What is the Fair Value Position?

Tips & Tricks

Players Page

NBA Contest Tutorial



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